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  • Is there a public bath?

    We have no large communal bath.The only bathing facility is an indoor bathtub.
  • What are the restaurant's business hours?

    Breakfast ⇒7:00 to 10:00(LO)
    *If you arrive just before closing, the number of breakfast items may be limited.

    Lunch ⇒11:30 to 14:00(LO)
    *CContinue reading
  • Do you have beach towel rentals?

    Bath towels can be rented at the front desk for 100 yen/towel.
  • Do you have computers available for loan?

    We apologize, but we do not have any computers available for loan.
  • Do you have a computer?

    We apologize, but there are no computers installed in this facility.
  • Do you have smoking rooms?

    Available.Our hotel has smoking and non-smoking areas on each floor.
    smoking floor ⇒ 2F,4F,7F
    Non-smoking Floor ⇒ 3F,5F,6F,8F,9F
  • Is there a parking lot?

    There are about 60 parking spaces.Please feel free to use it.
    *There is no need to leave your keys at the front desk.
    *The covered space in Continue reading
  • Do you have a pick-up service from the airport?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a pick-up service.rental car or taxi
    Please use public buses.

    *Taxi fare
    Miyako Island Airport ⇒ Hotel : AbouContinue reading
  • Can I send/receive packages?

    Yamato Transport (prepayment, cash on delivery) and Yu-Pack (cash on delivery only) are available for shipment from the hotel.We can also shContinue reading
  • Is it possible to store my luggage?

    We can keep your luggage at the front desk both before check-in and after check-in, so please feel free to ask us.


If you have any questions, please contact us.