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Breakfast buffet at the restaurant "Soleil" with open light

We offer a chef's passion breakfast that uses local ingredients and arranges local dishes.
Non-staying guests are also offered for 1,300 yen (tax included) per person, so please feel free to stop by.

Cooking list

Breakfast is the beginning of the day, so please eat a lot.
  • Buffet Breakfast

    It is a buffet style where you can enjoy as much as you like.
    • Menu example


      walnut bread/French bread/germ roll


      Miyako soba fried with salt/Japanese style soy sauce pasta(Use Miyako soba)

      Side dish

      salt-grilled salmon/Mozuku Tempura/Kinpira Burdock/Koji chample


      shredded cabbage/corn/potato salad


      red sweet potato dumpling/Homemade Caspian Sea yogurt


      Strawberry Jam / Blueberry Jam / Tankan Jam / Brown Sugar Shikuwasa Jam / Oligosaccharide


      Umejiso/Shikwasa miso mayonnaise/sesame dressing/Brown sugar Japanese style/caesar wasabi


      soy sauce/sauce/salt/black pepper/chili pepper


      Salted plum/Seasoned Nori/Noritama/oil miso/Mozuku seaweed boiled in soy(with wasabi)/Natto (fermented soybeans)


      【ice】Sanpin tea/orange juice/milk/coffee/Water “Hot” Sanpincha/black tea/Coffee
      1,300 yen/1 person(Tax included) *Non-guests can also use the facilities.
  • Lunch

    • Menu(Take out available)

      1,200 JPY(Tax included)

      Chicken Saute (Please let us know the sauce when ordering.)

      1,100 JPY(Tax included)

      Omurice ~Demiglace Sauce~

      1,400 yen(Tax included)

      Braised hamburger with mushrooms

      1,400 yen(Tax included)

      Stir-fried Australian diced steak and colorful vegetables with XO sauce

      1,300 yen(Tax included)

      Beef stew with chunky vegetables

      1,300 yen(Tax included)

      Japanese style hamburger

      1,200 JPY(Tax included)

      Ginger grilled pork loin

      1,200 JPY(Tax included)

      Chicken Nanban ~Special Black Vinegar & Tartar Sauce

      1,100 JPY(Tax included)

      Herb fried white fish ~tartar sauce~

      1,100 JPY(Tax included)

      White Fish Poiret ~Sea Urchin Sauce~
  • Restaurant"Soleil』

    It is available at the 1F restaurant where gentle light comes in.

    Regular holiday(Lunch) : Tuesday Thursday
    • Restaurant details


      Hotel 1F


      7:00 to 10:00


      11:30 to 14:00(LO)

      T E L

      0980-75-3352 (Please contact us during restaurant business hours.)