The story of Miyako Island starting from the Southern Coast

【Official】Hotel Southern Coast Miyakojima

A healing space where the blue sky and the sea spread out to relax the mind...

30 seconds walk to Painagama Beach in front of the hotel!
diving equipment room,Fully equipped shower room!
2 convenience stores next door☆
Great for sightseeing and business!
Wi-Fi is available in all rooms in this facility!

Notice of "Closed" due to renovation work

  • Due to renovation work, there are dates when the entire building will be closed.

    Thank you very much for using Hotel Southern Coast Miyakojima.
    Regarding the notation, due to hotel renovation work, the entire hotel will be closed as follows.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.


    Closed period  : Monday, January 8, 2024 - January 18, 2024(Thursday)
    *In addition, the restaurant "Soleil" in this facility is also closed.(Closed until breakfast on the next day of the last day of closure.))

【Important】 Information on renovation work(Regarding the impact on your stay)

  • 【During renovation work】We will inform you about the points that will affect your stay.

    Regarding the renovation work that has already been announced, we would like to inform you of the following excerpts that will affect your stay.
    (May change depending on progress status)

    ■Renovations(Accommodation Features)
    ① Occurrence of construction noise.(Closed days:12/20 to 1/7)

    ■Exterior wall renovation and painting work(Outside the building)
    ② Impact on the landscape due to the installation of scaffolding and protective sheets.

    ③ Construction noise during exterior wall repair and painting and odor caused by paint.

    ■Due to construction, the number of parking spaces is limited.
    ④ There are restrictions on the use of some parking lots.(For storage of construction materials)

    We are unable to accommodate any requests for views or floors during this period.
    If you are considering accommodation, please take the above into consideration.

Notice from the hotel

  •              [Important] Notice of hotel renovation work

    Thank you for using Hotel Southern Coast Miyakojima.
    Hotel Southern Coast Miyakojima will be undergoing renovation work during the following period.

    Construction period : Friday, September 8, 2023 - Around early February 2024(Schedule)
    Working hours : daytime

    Renovation work will be carried out in stages, including guest rooms (floor by floor), lobby, and restaurant.
    Except for certain periods, construction noise (during the day) will be generated during your stay.

    Scaffolding may also be installed for exterior wall renovation and painting work.
    *The impact on the landscape and the odor caused by the painting are also expected.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  •              【Cleaning during stay】

    At our hotel, in order to reduce the environmental impact of guest room cleaning during your stay,
    Cleaning during your stay will be carried out in an "eco friendly" manner.

    Be ECO compliant. (Enter the room and do the following)  
    ⇒【towel exchange】 "Pajamas exchange" "amenities replenishment"【garbage collection】

    If you wish to change sheets/make the bed, please do so by 22:00 the previous day.
    Please contact the front desk or ask at check-in.

    "Overall cleaning" during your stay is performed once every 5 nights.
    *For details, please enjoy the "Regarding room cleaning during consecutive stays" placed above the bed in the room.
     Please confirm.
  •              【Announcement of Official website renewal】

    We have renewed our Official website.

    《About reservations on the old site》
    Regarding procedures for changing or canceling reservations made on the old site before June 5,
    Please contact the hotel.(Reservation information cannot be carried over to the new site)

    《About member information》
    After the renewal, the previous member information will not be transferred.
    If you would like to register as a member, please register again.
    *There is no point program on the new site.

Inside this facility/facilities

  • Front desk

    〇Rental(For a charge): rental cycle/beach towel
    〇Copy(For a charge): monochrome/color
    〇Fax(For a charge) : Send/receive(Free)
    〇Luggage storage : Before check-in/After check out
    〇TA-Q-BIN reception : Kuroneko Yamato/Yu-Pack
  • Lobby

    The lobby has an open atmosphere where you can feel the sunlight.
    Wi-Fi connection is also available in the 1F lobby.
  • massage chair

    refresh tiredness☆
    Massage chairs are installed in the 1F lobby.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Hotel Southern Coast Miyakojima


335-1 Shimozato, Hirara, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture

Telephone number



About 15 minutes by car from Miyako Airport
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Infectious disease control

  • About new coronavirus infectious disease measures

    Efforts after the transition to type 5 of the new coronavirus infectious disease

    At Hotel Southern Coast Miyakojima, we will continue to implement some measures in consideration of hygiene.(It may be changed in consideration of the social situation.)


If you have any questions, please contact us.